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This game is based on the storyline of a brave girl that protects the whole city from attacking zombies. And the brave female character's name is Lena the survivor.
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Many peoples love to play games for their fun in their free time. On the Internet market, there are lots of games available, but sometimes users looking for unique and different types of games that they have not played before. Tai Paio Hazard APK is based on the shooting world and gain a huge fan following all over the world. people love to play this game by its uniqueness and simplicity make this more thrilling.

And this game has the best graphics and user interface. That makes you feel you’re in the real world of the battle. If you’re a fan of shooting games then get this new game free from our website. Anyone can play this game on their Android devices without any fear. So just try this game for your fun and enjoyment.

What is Tai Paio Hazard APK?

This game is based on the storyline of a brave girl that protects the whole city from attacking zombies. And the brave female character’s name is Lena the survivor. This brave girl is on a mission to clear all the enemies from the city and also remove the intention of people’s fear. Tai Paio Hazard contains bloodthirsty enemies and the brave girl kills them one by one.

If you would like to play the game, then you can play the role of Lena to help the non-affected people from zombies. You can play the whole battle against enemies in the sleepy town, this town’s situation is very bad and all people are affected by the virus of zombies. Your work is to save people’s life from zombies and protect the town from enemies.

If the zombies attack normal people they convert into zombies, you need to kill the affected enemies and save the world. It is the mission you’ve to accomplish in this Tai Paio Hazard game. We have published other action and thrill full shooting games on our website, like VGVD APK and others. Just visit our site to download it for free.

Features of Tai Paio Hazard:

Tai Paio Hazardlly is designed for shooting lovers, this game has a unique and realistic gaming experience. In this section, we have shared some astonishing features of this game.

Tai Paio Hazard Storyline:

This game is based on the story of a girl, her name is Lena that protects the sleepy town people from affected zombies. And her mission is to kill enemies and remove the fear of enemies from people. You can also play the role of this brave girl by playing it and saving people.


This game gives you a wide range of powerful weapons to kill enemies and decrease the level of zombies.

High-Quality Graphics:

Tai Paio Hazard gives players unique high-quality graphics, that can be used for seeing the bloodthirsty zombies from long range and you can feel you’re in the real world.

Aiming Control of Guns:

You can control the Aiming of your guns to kill the zombies with headshots, it’s all in your hand.


The user interface makes this game easier for users to play games easily and kill zombies immediately.

Free of cost:

Download the game without paying a single penny.

How to Download and Install the Game?

  • Tap on the given button that we provide you at the top of our article to download it.
  • The process takes several seconds, just wait for it.
  • Once the downloading process is complete, check your device download manager to install it.
  • Before, installing the game file, Go to settings>security to allow unknown sources and enable it.
  • Now install the game file, click allow when asks for permission.
  • The Tai Paio Hazard APK icon will appear on your device screen after successfully installed.
  • Single tap to open the game and start a new journey with zombies, by playing different modes.


Is Tai Paio Hazard available for free download?

Ans: Yes, You can download the Tai Paio Hazard APK from here without paying any cost, it ly free of fee.

How to kill Zombies?

Ans: If you want to kill zombies immediately or suddenly they come in front of you, then Shoot in the direct head of zombies and kill them with a single shot.

Is Tai Paio Hazard Available in Google Play?

Ans: Yes, Tai Paio Hazard APK is available in the Google Play store, you can download it directly from there.


If you’re a dying fan of shooting lover and want to explore other shooting games, then you should try the Tai Paio Hazard APK. This game also offers you high-quality graphics and the story of a brave female, who is struggling to save the town’s people from a zombie attack. You can download the Tai Paio Hazard free of fee and experience your shooting skills by dominating the bloodthirsty zombies.

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