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This game is launched for Android users, the goal is to eliminate the waves enemies and gain more power for your character to become a monster killer of Somnolent matches.
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05 October
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Android 5.0+

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The Somnolent APK is now gaining more popularity among other mobile games, this adventure game has been introduced by NVIDIA gaming stars. This game is based on an adventure, where players compete against shadow fighters to win their matches.

It also offers you loot locations where you can get unlimited powers for your characters to make them more strong and it has a user-friendly interface which makes this game easier for users to play more efficiently without facing any difficulty. Somnolent APK is also the best choice for kids, they can play this free and offline game on their Android smartphones without paying any cost.

About Somnolent APK:

This game is launched for Android users, the goal is to eliminate the waves enemies and gain more power for your character to become a monster killer of Somnolent matches. If you want to win matches and get more magical power for your heroes then you have to compete against the vampires, witches, dragons, and trolls. These all characters have many strong powers, first, you’ve to upgrade your weapons otherwise you can’t defeat them easily.

You can easily upgrade your weapons by using the collected coins, that you have earned by completing the missions. The sword is the best weapon of all time in this Somnolent game, and it also includes other weapons that you can use to kill the horror enemies easily like rifles, axes, and many others. Once you entered the game your aiming goal is to save the dream world from evil.

And you’ve to complete the task before the attack of evil, and once players have completed this task, the game authority unlocks another mission. And you’ve to take over another world’s safety. All these missions have unique features and unique gameplay, complete them to gain more points to strengthen your character. And this makes the attraction of players to engage in there by playing new missions.

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Somnolent Game Features:

We have listed below some astonishing features of Somnolent APK, just review it once before downloading the game.

Save the Dream World

Your mission is to save the dream world from the evil attack.


It offers you lots of weaponry like a powerful sword, rifles, axes, and many others are also included.

Fantasy World

You can play in many fantasy worlds like solo missions, icy cliffs, deserts, and frozen lakes locations, and also you can play in villages and dark forests.


It is a 3D animation game and it also gives you high-quality graphics for playing the game more efficiently.


The simple and unique gaming interface makes this game easier for users to play well-liked.

Customization of Characters

Even players will be able to customize their character’s appearance and also upgrade them with more skills. Choose a strong and upgraded weapon for your heroes while playing the game against witches or vampires.

Get Reward

Complete the missions and get rewards to empower your character enhancement with more reliable skills. You can also use the collected coins to get new items of all legendary characters.

How to Download and Install Somnolent APK?

We have mentioned the download button at the top of our article, just a single tap on the given button. The process will automatically begin, once the process is complete find the file on your download manager menu and install it on your smartphone.

  • Before installing, go to settings/security to allow unknown sources.
  • Now install and click allow when asks for permission.
  • The game icon shows on your smartphone desktop, once the installation process is complete.
  • Open the game and start your new journey with (Somnolent) an adventure game.
  • Play and save the dream world from evil.


What is Somnolent APK?

Ans: This is an RPG game where you have to compete against witches, dragons, and other evil characters to save the fantasy world.

Is This Game Safe for Playing on Android Smartphones?

Ans: Yes, you can without fearfully play and install this game on your Android or IOS device without any hassle.

Can we Download it directly from Google Play?

Ans: Yes, you can! This adventure game is also available on the google play store, but limited features of this game. When you directly download it from our website it offers you lots of other rare features that are not available on Google Play.

Is Somnolent APK takes any charges for download?

Ans: No, anyone can download this game without charging a single cent, it is free of fee.


Download the Somnolent APK and play an adventure game on your device with full of ease. In this game, your mission is save the different fantasy worlds from evil eyes. If you really want to play this game then just download the game from our website without paying any cost. If you have any questions about this game then let us know in the comment section below. Also, share it with your friends and family.

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